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Seven Tips for Creating the Perfect Color Palette for Your Wedding

Updated: Mar 27

Every wedding is unique, a beautiful reflection of the couple at its heart. One of the most impactful ways to showcase your personality and style on your special day is through your wedding color palette. As a wedding florist, we understand the importance of selecting the right colors that harmonize with your vision. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect color palette for your wedding.

  • Consider Your Venue Start with the location of your wedding. Whether you've chosen a rustic barn, a modern hotel, or a tranquil beachfront, your venue is a great starting point for selecting your colors. Look at the existing colors of your venue's interior/exterior and consider how your desired palette will blend in.

Lavender color palette

  • Think About the Season Each season brings a unique set of colors. Spring offers soft pastels and fresh greens, summer is full of bold and vibrant hues, while autumn showcases rich jewel tones and neutrals, and winter presents an opportunity for icy blues or warm, festive colors. Aligning your palette with the season can add to the overall ambiance of your wedding.

Wedding palette

  • Reflect on Your Personal Style Are you drawn to bright, bold colors, or do you favor muted, earthy tones? Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner. Don't be afraid to incorporate colors that match your personal style.

Earthy palette

  • Use Color Theory Color theory is a practical combination of art and science used widely among designers and artists. Using the color wheel can help you choose complementary, split-complementary, or analogous colors, depending on the mood you want to evoke.

Pink flowers

  • Don’t Forget Neutrals Neutrals can add a soft touch to your color palette, acting as a perfect balance for brighter shades. They can be particularly effective in elements like table linens or chair sashes, where too much color might be overwhelming.

Pink roses

  • Think About Mood and Atmosphere Colors have the power to evoke emotions and set the mood. Bright colors like red and orange can energize, while pastels can create a calm, romantic atmosphere.

Spring palette

  • Consult a Professional A professional wedding florist can provide valuable insight into what flowers will be in season during your wedding and what colors they can provide. They can help to beautifully blend your chosen color palette into your floral arrangements and overall decor.

Remember, there are no strict rules when it comes to selecting a color palette for your wedding. The most important thing is that it represents you and your partner. It's your day; choose colors that make you happy, and the joy will radiate throughout your wedding.

Whether you're just beginning your color palette journey or are looking for the perfect flowers to complement your chosen hues, we're here to help every step of the way. Let us make your wedding as unique and beautiful as your love story.

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